Hershey's has a huge product range. Within includes some iconic brands such as Hershey's, Reese's, Hershey Kisses, Hershey's Bliss, Twizzlers, and Kit Kat.
Hershey's large product range helps reduce it's company's risk.  For example, if something goes wrong a product such as hershey kisses.  The company still has many other products and brands to support the operations of the company.

Hershey's is Market Oriented.  Although once in a while, Hershey's will release a new product, most of their key products are kept the same.  Market research is done to ensure the product doesn't become out of fashion.  It is well explained in the above ad, Hershey's stand point is that change is bad.  They take pride in their unchanged products.

Check out Hershey's adverts:

According to this article, Cadbury just invented a new way of producing chocolate that will enable it to not melt even in 40˚C for 3 hours.  This can be a threat to Hershey's because of an advancement in technology that lends itself to Cadbury's favor!

Hershey's supports a few Non-Profit Organizations.  United way of America and Children's Miracle Network are the two "Vital partners" In Hershey's efforts to provide for the community.  Hershey's also supported over 1,400 organizations through donation.  Within includes Habitat for Humanity, The American Red Cross, Junior Achievement, and Dress for Success.

Hershey's believes in Philanthropy without borders, some Strategies Hershey's used to achieve this included a "Dollars for Doers" program which involved the company donating $250 dollars to the charity organization of the employees choice if they contribute 50 hours of community service over the course of one year.
Some public sector organizations directly influence Hershey's.  For example, government food safety regulations have to approve of Hershey's before they are able to sell any of their products.  

Hershey also supports the Military troops overseas by sending care packages of sweets.  Hershey believes that this has a significant impact on their morale.  Especially since the soldiers are overseas and away from home.  The Military is a public sector organization.

Hershey’s corporate objectives are not clearly stated.  However, It can be seen that Hershey’s main objective is bringing happiness to the world through their products.  This is shown in their Mission Statement:  “Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day.”  The strategies Hershey uses to achieve this objective includes promoting consumer well-being, integrity of supply, safety and wellness at work, openness and inclusion, sustainable design, sustainable sourcing and corporate philanthropy.  Hershey tries to bring happiness to everyone even in the process of producing the products.  It aims to create a brand that automatically relates and connects with the word happiness.  Their objective is to not only bring happiness to the consumers but even the suppliers, employees and people of all ethnics and age.  The tactics Hershey’s used to achieve these strategies include promoting sustainable cocoa farming and issuing a supplier code of conduct to ensure the fairness and sustainability through the process of supply.  Hershey’s also plans on increasing the number of Hershey’s Track and Field Game’s meets by 20% by 2013.  This is a significant part of their strategy, to consider the consumer’s well-being.  They aim to continue their top-tier safety performance, measured by total recordable incident rate, Lost workday incident rate and no work-related fatalities.  Hershey’s also promote employee health and welfare by investing in progressive wellness programs.  To achieve sustainability in their packaging and manufacturing, Hershey’s aim to develop product-design guidelines and ensure all palm oil procured will be certified by 2015.  They also aimed to reduce GHG emissions, water usage and waste generated by 15% by 2011.  One of their bigger tactics was to have at least one zero-waste-to-landfill manufacturing plant by 2012.

These objectives, strategies and tactics Hershey’s has set plays a huge role in managing their organization.  By developing sustainable resources and promoting well-being.  Hershey’s has to spend a lot of money to achieve these goals.  The reward the get from these aims is a healthy brand name despite being a snack and candy manufacturer.  To be able to achieve all these strategies Hershey has set, their whole business will be very different from a purely profit-seeking corporate company.  Their priorities and decision are all different and the choices they make will have to balance between their objective and finance of Hershey’s.

Hershey’s Mission Statement is : “Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day.”  It summarizes Hershey’s objectives into one line.  One of Hershey’s main objective is to bring happiness to the world through their products.  This Mission Statement is very vague.  It does not mention how they are doing it and does not define “Hershey happiness”.  It does not address what Hershey wants to become or where they want to be.  This mission statement can be improved by including some of the major objectives and strategies Hershey aims to achieve.  Such as consumer well-being, Integrity of supply, Corporate philanthropy and Sustainability.  This Mission statement is a poorly designed mission statement and does not meet the purpose of one.


Renewable Resources
-Cacao beans
-Fresh Whole Milk
-Nuts and fruites

Non-renewable Resources


-Extracting resources from all around the world in tropical jungles
-Manufacturers in processing factories
-Retail stores
-Over 12000 employees


World's largest chocolate factory located in Pennsylvania


CEO: John P. Bilbrey

Management team:

Humberto P. Alfonso
Michele G. Buck
Thaddeus J. Jastrzebski
Terence L. O'Day
Peter F. Smit
Leslie M. Turner
E. Daniel Vucovich, Jr.
Kevin R. Walling
rD. Michael Wege

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